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Trenton Ontario



As an Industrial Electrician with Diamond Electrical Contractors Limited, you will serve a vital role within the Company.  Your high standards of professionalism, positivity, and "get-r-done" attitude, will motivate your team, setting the bar for apprentice electricians, instilling in them proper and safe work practices.  

What You’ll Do

  • Review site plans for new and existing buildings to determine location and feasibility of electrical equipment 

  • Design and plan electrical equipment and cable layout for new and existing projects

  • Determine the quantity and type of material required for a specific job and inputs the order

  • Estimate the completion dates for ongoing and upcoming projects  

  • Troubleshoot electrical circuits to locate and isolate faults to be repaired or replaced 

  • Report all potential replacement equipment as needed

  • Read and interpret specifications and blueprints

  • Install, service and repair conduits, wiring and fixtures

  • Conduct electronic inspections and tests

  • Ground electrical systems

  • Service generators, motors and high voltage systems

  • Perform electrical work on environmental regulating systems, pumps and industrial lighting systems

  • Install, maintain and repair heavy duty equipment and industrial communications systems

  • Clean circuit boards and contacts

  • Oil motors and replacing wiring

  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical components

  • Work with programmable logic/automation controls​

You must also be able to:

  • Establish a cordial relationship with the general contractor and with other disciplines on the job site to maintain a professionally friendly environment  

  • Work with local Inspectors to satisfy local requirements and expectations

  • Prepare and have customers sign all work orders

  • Keep accurate records of material used and proper documentation on work orders relating to the installation

  • Follow supplier warranty procedures

  • Perform all routine service checks to the company truck, if provided with one

  • Maintain a proper level of inventory on the truck at all times to complete daily duties

  • Adhere to all regulations on customer sites

  • Attend and participate in scheduled staff meetings

  • Obtain and keep up-to-date records for required equipment certification and inspections

  • Maintain high quality control on tools, vehicles and materials needed for job responsibilities

  • Maintain compliance to all PPE and safety regulations

  • Consistently attempt to improve on product knowledge

  • Provide assistance and mentorship/training to fellow employees as requested

  • Delegate tasks to other workers on site

Who You are

  • You possess a working knowledge of building systems and other trades in order to easily adapt to the surrounding environment   

  • You can demonstrate the ability to interpret complex electrical schematics, and determine wiring and equipment layouts for new and existing installations

  • You have the ability to act as the project lead.  This may include, coordinating with other trades to plan work accordingly and providing progress reports to the project manager

  • You are able to utilize technology

  • You are capable of working independently in a demanding and fast paced environment

  • You have a good understanding of the health and safety compliance regulations and have a proven commitment to safety

  • You have a thorough understanding of the Ontario Electrical Code and a moral obligation to uphold the responsibilities set forth by the OESL ​



You also have the following minimum educational requirements:


  • Completion of the electrical apprenticeship training program 

  • A member in good standing with the Ontario College of Trades

  • 44A Industrial Electrician Licence

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